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Comics that are being updated once a month.

Moonlace Moonlace

Three girls get together in a fantasy world very similar to ours, and find that they can defeat the demons of their past as long as they help each other. Nevermind the actual demons that will remain their greatest challenge.

Comic will include mature content.

Bethellium Bethellium

In the secret city of Bethellium an ancient wizard is trying to protect the last remains of magic in their world. There, five sorceresses will meet and find that their mastery of each magical art will barely be enough for the challenges that are coming.

The Depths The Depths

Follow the exciting and erotic adventures of Leilani Perierre, a beautiful native sea otter of the South Pacific, caught up in myriad adventures of romance, intrigue, and deep, deep dangers in the early part of the 20th century.

Comic will include mature content.

Shorts and Commissions
All short comics that were commissioned work or that are not related to ongoing projects.

Commissions Commissions

As a freelance artist, I’m asked to draw comics for people every now and then. Here are the best examples of those commissions I have done ever the years and probably will keep doing for a while.

Some shorts will include mature content.

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