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Moonlace has a new domain and address!

Moonlace has a new domain and address! published on No Comments on Moonlace has a new domain and address!

The new site is finally up!
Thanks for reading us all this time!
Last year this site suffered from major readability issues and it ended broken due to still unknown reasons. Possibly hacking.

In order to avoid similar problems in the future, I decided to move to a new domain and site where scalability and security options were better, using a more natural domain name. I had planned this movement for a while, but the latest issues with the site forced me to speed up the process.

Make sure to follow Moonlace to the new site, as new updates will happen only there starting now! Do not worry, you can use your same username to leave comments there and in fact, previous pages and comments are already there too! is the new address. Hope to see you there!

Click in the image to go!

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