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Website finished and ready to run!

Website finished and ready to run! published on No Comments on Website finished and ready to run!

The comic website is finally ready to host present and future comics!

I personally want to thank Mihari for making this a reality, bearing up with me with all the pickyness and slow deliveries of artwork. Hopefully we’ll have her make a cameo appearance in the comics soon as a way of thanks.

For the moment, both comics, Moonlace and Bethellium are updated to the latest page. Also here you’ll find everything that was and will be created with the support obtained from Patreon. This also couldn’t be possible without the help of patrons, so I wanted to thank you all guys too for that!

Stay tuned, for all future updates of the comics will be done here instead of the old weebly page. So I suggest you bookmark this site already.

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